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It's Here - The Best of DragonBall Z Volume VI - The Lost Tracks of DBZ!

Well here it is: Roku for Goku! That's "six" translated into Japanese, but we packed in over 60 minutes (71!) of music into this collector's Volume; these are the Lost Tracks of DBZ! You will find some of the most unique tracks from throughout the series on Volume 6, from Frieza to Cell and Buu. [MORE...]

Still available - The Best of DragonBall Z Volume V!

Great news! The Ginyu Force has arrived to scope out the incredible power of this DBZVolume. Your favorite characters and missed scenes are mastered here for maximum energy. This is your Spirit Bomb — its the power of all your emails, telephone calls, and letters asking me to release these DBZ tunes. [MORE...]

Bruce Faulconer Interview in Beckett DBZ Collector!

Faulconer Productions Music has received limited quantity of Beckett's Dragonball Z Collector number 30 that contains an interview with composer Bruce Faulconer. As a treat for all you DBZ warriors, Bruce has agreed to autograph every copy purchased from the Faulconer Productions Music Online Store. Purchase your copy today while supplies last! [ONLINE STORE...]